This site is a general representation of my photography, and biography as a photographer. I hope that you find it an interesting insight into my life, and career as a photographer. I have been fortunate enough in life to have been able to capture many special events...ranging from the innocence of a daily sunrise, to the immense power of the very first Space Shuttle launch.

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Welcome To Fitzgerald Multimedia - Explore the space. You're gonna want that cowbell!


Modeling photography came naturally to me. When I began shooting models, I created my own style. Also, I cultivated ways to make new models comfortable, as well as experienced models to get new looks and styles. {model - Barbi Sinclair}


Concert photography fell into my lap. Initially concerts at college, to working in radio, then for a major record label for a few years! Having my camera on hand, allowed me to capture lots of bands, and I still continue today! {Paul Stanley - KISS}


Sports and action shots were instilled into me early on! High school sports, then college. From there, CART/INDY CAR, NASCAR, MLB, and more! Stopping live action is one of my favorite things to do! {NASCAR - Atlanta Motor Speedway}


Press & media events are very intriguing to me. Covering red carpet events, press conferences, and even events such as the first launches of the Space Shuttle. They all have moments that are intense to capture. {NASA - STS-2 Columbia Nov 11, 1982}


The art of web design is intense, yet relaxing. Originally, I developed interest in creating my own site, the original in 1997. Gradually, I took on work for others, and have continued enjoying those projects.

NASCAR At Atlanta Motor Speedway

All photography Copyright 2015 Brad Fitzgerald